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Product Description

Our Nurse badge buddy with large text and solid blue border is a quick way to identify your Nurses in any busy hospital setting. Our badge buddies are printed on both sides of the card so your text will be visible, even if the ID is flipped around.

Be the first to have a NURSE badge buddy at your facility. Very easy to use and looks great with your uniform or outfit for the day. Just attach it to your standard badge clip with your existing slot punched ID badge and the "NURSE" text will show below your standard hospital badge.

The slot punch at the top allows you to loop both your slot punched ID card and Nurse badge buddy to the same holder, so no modification is required.


  • Size: 2-1/8" W x 4-3/8" L
  • Wear Under Your Standard Hospital ID Badge
  • NURSE text and BLUE Border
  • Printed Double-Sided
  • Easy Role Recognition for NURSE employees

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